PRICE LIST: call for information

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PRICE LIST:  Please give us a call: 916-631-7275.  NOTE: if you find an old htm. price list on line is it NOT current.

OUR POLICIES:   Cox Black and White Lab will take the best care possible with your order.

1.  PRINTS/RETOUCHING:  All work received by the customer that has been paid for and accepted is considered “complete”.  The customer has 30 days to make a request for any changes which will be discussed with the lab.  Rejected prints must be returned within 30 days; after that time, any redo’s will be charged at the normal rate.

2.  FILM PROCESSING:  All film is handled with the best of care.  If a roll/sheet of film is damaged by Cox Black and White Lab, Inc., there will be no charge for the processing and when possible, similar type film for replacement.

3.  ORIGINALS:  Your original stays in-house during the reproduction period.  When necessary, we can copy your original and return it to you immediately (by arrangement).  In the event of fire, flood, acts of God and theft, Cox Black and White Lab, Inc., will not be held liable.


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