Preservation Services

We are passionate about preservation.

Photographs must be preserved for generations to come.

One of the easiest ways to begin this process is with archival storage boxes and sleeves.  Store you images in dry, temperature controlled environments (not in the attic or basement).  Some images may need to be removed from bright lighting.


For permanence, film is (in our opinion) is the best, tried and true.  Make copy negatives of your very special prints for archiving.
For digital images, make several copies, back up to archival discs, external hard drives and make prints.


In the digital world you will have the responsibility to keep moving your stored images to the newest technology. (Remember 8 track tapes, cassettes, floppy discs…).

See listed suppliers under our Favorites Page.


Architectural preservation is important for generations to come.  Without it, our world would look like one giant strip mall.  To learn more about how to help preserved old buildings, see our section on the Heritage Documentation Programs:  HABS/HAER/HALS.