Pyro, Film & LVT services

Pyro film developing, made famous by Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, is readily available at our lab. We use Gordon Hutchings PMK formula and suggest sending a test shooting for your first time. All Pyro is processed using a Jobo processor.

Suggested Reading:  The Book of Pyro by Gordon Hutchings, Bitter Dog Press, Granite Bay, CA, 95746, soft cover, 100 pages,

Custom B&W Film Developing Service, Plus:

4×5 and 8×10

  • Black and White LVT Negatives:  from digital files
  • Lithographic Film Negatives, from files or artwork, (for scientific or fine art projects)

Our custom developing service fine tunes your developing time so your results will be the same, every time. We keep records of your results and help you make consistent, quality negatives. Traditional films are developed with Kodak Xtol in a Refrema automated dip & dunk processor.